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Risk Advisors

Insurance Brokers dedicated to client service.

At Ae, we are dedicated to client service and this is the core of our professional practice as advisors and insurance brokers. Our clients tell us that is a distinctive quality. They choose to work with Ae because we understand that no two companies are the same and they have confidence in the knowledge that their needs are understood.


We pride ourselves on making a positive difference to the outcome of any claim you may need to make.

All claims are handled by our experienced in house team.

Manufacture & Industry

Our services focus on your present and future needs. We understand your challenges and opportunities as we partner with you to create a tailored and distinctive proposition. We support a range of manufacturers including engineering, food and drink, electronics, plastics, automotive and aerospace.


Contracting business covers a huge range of trades and industries from sole traders through to large volume house builders and commercial developers. We have significant experience in placing business for all contractors from Public Liability through to a full suite of insurance protections

We specialise in providing solutions for commercial property owners operating locally and internationally. The insurance program is tailored to meet your specific needs with a focus on policy cover and claims service.

We understand that non-profit organisations need insurance suited to their specific circumstances and the needs of their service users. 

Professional & Technology

In the ever-changing world of technology, your products and services can move from an initial concept to your customer in a short period of time. Therefore, innovative and reliable insurance solutions are vital, and you will have the benefit of working alongside a risk advisor and Broker who understands your business needs.

Marine & Transport

Ae Insurance Brokers are committed to building strong lasting relationships with organisation operating in the marine and transport sectors drawing on our experience over thirty years in providing solutions. Our understanding of your contractual requirements enables us to provide an insurance programme which meets your liabilities and protects your assets.  

Motor Fleet
We understand the need for any business operating vehicles to keep their assets and employees protected. We have the experience and market access to ensure that protection and provide the correct solution for your motor insurance.

Professional & Technology

innovative and reliable insurance solutions are vital and you will have the benefit of working alongside a risk advisor and Broker who understands your business.

Manufacture & Industry

Manufacturing companies require unique solutions because they are exposed to an increasingly wide range of risks.

Marine & Transport

We have extensive experience designing solutions for nearly every type of marine client and the challenges they may face.

Charities & Property

We understand that non-profit organisations need insurance suited to their specific circumstances. 

Insurance Brokers with high industry standards…

The risks you face today are no longer met fully by traditional insurance solutions because technology has created new threats. Crime is now a significant factor for all companies with fraudsters operating increasingly sophisticated stings including fraudulent banking scams.

We are also seeing a rise in the number of cyber security breaches and attacks to steal valuable information such as client databases. These attacks underline how important it is for business to take their cyber security seriously and protect their organisation.

We recommend that you consider crime and cyber cover as an essential element of your insurance programme.