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Travelling abroad for work can be hugely stressful – hoping the flight isn’t cancelled, ensuring you haven’t forgotten your passport, and waiting in long queues.

The last thing you want to worry about is what would happen if you fell ill, or got in an accident. What if your essential business equipment was lost or broken in transit?

It is not only the personal safety of the member of staff travelling that has to be considered when travelling abroad, but also the other essentials such as equipment and money, and the need for replacement personnel to travel.

It is becoming more and more important that employers provide their employees with cover should they require assistance in an emergency whilst on a business trip. A corporate travel insurance policy covers many scenarios ranging from inconveniences like losing your passport abroad, through to medical expenses and unpredictable disruptions which prevent travel, such as the Icelandic Volcano.

Case Study

A key employee is involved in a serious car accident in America, and requires a lengthy stay in hospital. Once the employee is well enough they are repatriated back to the UK, under the care of specialist doctors who provide medical care and rehabilitation. They require a slow and stepped return to work with assistance.Would your business be able to cover the medical costs and retraining expenses needed?

Corporate travel insurance can provide a way to minimize any disruption that the long-term or sudden absence of a key employee may cause. It also provides protection against death, injury or illness, covering medical expenses and repatriation.

Not only will you have peace of mind that your employee will be protected should anything happen, but the employee will feel valued and secure in the knowledge that they are covered and protected.