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A recent survey of the top 500 small and medium sized companies has revealed that Theft and Malicious Damage remains in the top five threats to their business.

Cyber might be the number one threat to SME’s, but old-fashioned theft is still a major concern. This isn’t surprising because having a key piece of equipment stolen or malicious damage to property following a break-in can be a significant setback to an SME.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ rule when it comes to security protection measures. Premises need to have their weaknesses in order to take actions that deter, or at least slow down, thieves and arsonists.

The types of goods and equipment that are sold, used, produced or stored make a big difference to your risks. Companies should never underestimate how attractive their goods are to thieves. Take the theft of tools as an example. A simple measure such as keeping them in cages in a locked van is a good deterrent.

Often there is no ‘silver bullet’ solution. Instead, a range of layered protective measures are normally best. For example, physical security such as locks, bars, shutter, and electronic protection through intruder alarms and CCTV.

Risk management advice is key to reducing the chances of this happening.

  • Consider whether adequate security measures are in place to prevent theft.
  • Speak to us about risk management strategies.
  • We can provide advice on the latest theft trends and how to protect your premises and equipment.