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Electrical system failure is a major concern for all companies. Recent statistics from leading insurers show that 35-40% of all fires are caused by electrical faults and the impact upon a business can be severe leading to significant losses.

You can take away the worry by undertaking a thermographic survey at your premises for a relatively modest cost with the minimum disruption. Thermography is a great way to see beyond what is visible to the naked eye and to find ‘hotspots’ in electrical circuits that testing techniques cannot identify but might start a fire if left unrepaired.

It is fast becoming essential for any company with a risk management ethos.

The survey can encompass whole buildings, individual items of plant or evaluate new installations.  It will run alongside the current maintenance program and can reduce existing outlay for periodic wiring inspection by on average 30%.

There are other financial benefits including reductions to future capital expenditure by avoiding complete re-wires because it provides a prioritised report to enable your electrical contractor to focus on dangerous faults.

Therefore over the short term a thermographic survey can “pay for itself”. Not to mention the positive affects this can have on the business insurance program because insurers recognise the benefits of reducing the potential fire risk.